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Fear the coming Storm: Prologue
Niadra snarled, jabbing with one of her "wings" and impaling a Zealot through the chest. The Protoss warrior groaned before erupting into blue light, his soul torn from his destroyed body. She tossed the body aside, and turned to admire her newly formed brood. Hydralisks fired poisonous spines into Protoss warrior, their shields unable to protect them from such an onslaught. Roaches shredding apart escape pods with their massive claws, or melted the heavy plating with their acidic spit. Zerglings, in great numbers, scrambling over each other to get at the Protoss and rip them to shreds. However, the "child" she was most proud of was the Ursadon, which she had taken control of. The beast bellowed in fury, lifting a flailing stalker above its head before slamming it down, shattering the construct into pieces. If she had a mouth, she would be smiling, for the sight of her children destroying the Protoss was almost to much for her. Soon, the last escape pod was destroyed, and the last Prot
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The Chosen Few Chapter 6: A Change of Pace
The night was still. The air was silent, save for a few chirping insects. Wind blew gently across the sparse trees and bushes, causing their leaves to shudder gently. The stars shone in the night sky, and the moon gleamed, casting its pale light down upon the earth, its appearance showing nothing but innocence, despite the horrors which it held. Then, something changed. A light, like a star, began slowly descending from the sky, growing bright and brighter as it hurdled towards the earth. Then, the calmness of the night was shattered by a colossal explosion, shaking the ground and sending dirt high into the air. Slowly, the dust began settling, reveling the cause of the impact. A Hive seeder ship, its hull black as the night, and necrotic green lights shining from the trailing end, jutted up from the crater of its impact, steam rising from its hot surface, the earth surrounding it scotched black from the extreme heat. However, this intrusion did not go unnoticed by the local residents.
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The Chosen Few Chapter 5: Beginnings and Endings
Horvack leaned on his staff, glaring at the wreckage of the destroyed walker. To say that he was displeased would be an understatement. He glanced over at a nearby dreg, who was dragging the body of a headless vandal, struggling to pull the larger body across the ground. A captain approached Horvack, shrapnel launcher in its hand.
"The facility has been swept, no sign of the guardians anywhere. However, the prisoner is missing. I believe that it was taken."
Horvack stiffened, and held in a growl.
"Where are the guards?"
"They were killed in the attack sir. One was butchered by a guardian with another squad. The other seems to have been killed by another Eliksni."
Horvack turned, grinding his teeth together, thinking. She had been here, within the facility. He knew that he had felt a presence, one that wasn't the guardians light, yet he'd ignored it. That would be the last time.
"Priest Horvack!" He turned and faced the source of the call. A female vandal was running up from the facilit
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The Chosen Few: Chapter 4 Know your Enemy
"Tri. Where did you get this armor?" He turned and gave Amber a sideways glance, trying, yet failing to hid the annoyance on his face.
"From Vaira. She had some left-over armor and she said I could use it for scrap."
"Oh really, is that the lie you're telling yourself. Alright then."
"Amber, I've told you hundreds of times, there is nothing between us. We're simply friends."
"Whatever spark pluck. Whatever gets your current flowing." She smirked, earning a growl from the Exo. Shepard glanced over her shoulder at him, and he turned to face her. Despite his angry expression, Shepard couldn't stop a smirk from spreading across her face. Her smartassness was starting to show again.
"So, you have a girl Tri?" This earned her a glare from him, followed by a yank on the connecting strap on her back, resulting in it growing painfully tight. She held in a pained yelp.
"Shutting up."
He loosened the strap back up before speaking. "As I said. We're friends. However, Amber likes to think since she
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Niadra snarled, jabbing with one of her "wings" and impaling a Zealot through the chest. The Protoss warrior groaned before erupting into blue light, his soul torn from his destroyed body. She tossed the body aside, and turned to admire her newly formed brood. Hydralisks fired poisonous spines into Protoss warrior, their shields unable to protect them from such an onslaught. Roaches shredding apart escape pods with their massive claws, or melted the heavy plating with their acidic spit. Zerglings, in great numbers, scrambling over each other to get at the Protoss and rip them to shreds. However, the "child" she was most proud of was the Ursadon, which she had taken control of. The beast bellowed in fury, lifting a flailing stalker above its head before slamming it down, shattering the construct into pieces. If she had a mouth, she would be smiling, for the sight of her children destroying the Protoss was almost to much for her. Soon, the last escape pod was destroyed, and the last Protoss warrior was slain, spilling his blood onto the golden floor. Niadra breathed in deeply, enjoying the feeling of having completed her task. She  reached out with her mind, her focus stretching across space as she contacted her queen.

"My queen. The Protoss have been exterminated. What is your bidding?" However, unlike before, their was no response, no warmth caused by her queens focus directed towards her. This surprised Niadra, and a slight feeling of dread began to rise within her. She tried again, focusing harder to reach out to her queen.

"My queen?" Her voice bounced back, echoing through the emptiness. Her voice rose, and dread took hold.

"My queen!?" Still no response. Niadra's heart fell.

"We are alone." For the first time in her life, she was without her queen, alone in the vastness of space. Her mind churned, without direction, without purpose.

Then, her mind settled. She was Zerg. She wasn't meant to wallow in self pity, she was meant to obey. To adapt. To destroy. And she would do just that. If she and her brood couldn't receive new orders, then they would make sure that their last orders are completely, to the last. Niadra let out a snarl, resulting in her children doing the same.

"The Queen of Blades has given us but one purpose. To destroy the Protoss! Search the ship, bring me everything. We will study them, we will learn their weaknesses, and we will adapt to combat them! We will return, and when we do, the Protoss will be consumed by the Swarm!" And so, her children took off into the ship to search as Niadra began placing down creep tumors. However, she lacked the capability to spawn more children, and nothing other than zerglings, roaches and hydras. Her brood was limited, and she lacked overlords. No matter, she would find a way to adapt her children to this. Her eyes glanced to the side, falling upon the ursadon, which had began scratching at an itch forming in its spine, causing its hair to fall out. Another thought entered her mind, and she moved towards the ursadon. She had work to do.
Fear the coming Storm: Prologue
Ever wonder what happened to Niadra after she loses contact with Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm. Well so did I, and this story explains just that. This is just an intro, not much different from what happens in game. I hope you enjoy. The true threat will return soon.
The night was still. The air was silent, save for a few chirping insects. Wind blew gently across the sparse trees and bushes, causing their leaves to shudder gently. The stars shone in the night sky, and the moon gleamed, casting its pale light down upon the earth, its appearance showing nothing but innocence, despite the horrors which it held. Then, something changed. A light, like a star, began slowly descending from the sky, growing bright and brighter as it hurdled towards the earth. Then, the calmness of the night was shattered by a colossal explosion, shaking the ground and sending dirt high into the air. Slowly, the dust began settling, reveling the cause of the impact. A Hive seeder ship, its hull black as the night, and necrotic green lights shining from the trailing end, jutted up from the crater of its impact, steam rising from its hot surface, the earth surrounding it scotched black from the extreme heat. However, this intrusion did not go unnoticed by the local residents.

A nearby hillside suddenly shuddered, the front side of it shifting before collapsing inwards, reveling the gaping entrance to a cave. Three green eyes materialized from the blackness, gazing out of the cave, watching the seeder ship. As if in response, the side of the ship slowly slide open, reveling its darkened interior as it began glowing orange. Upon seeing this, the green eyes within the cave seemed to shudder, and a deep roared sounded from the darkness. Thrall, the horrific spawn of the Hive, rushed from the cave, snarling as they charged the ship. Their pale hides and blacked skulls, marked with white bands, reveled them as belonging to the Blood of Oryx sect. Forms began appearing within the orange glow of the ship, which materialized into more Thrall, who also rushed out, snarling as they sprinted towards the others. However, these looked far different than most Thralls. Their hides were blackened, as if burned in a fire, and crack like fissures snaked over their bodies, a deep orange glow emanating from the fissures, as if magma lay just beneath their flesh. Their claws glowed with solar energy instead of arc, and saliva that resembled lave seeped from their jaws. The two waves of Thrall collided, tearing into each other with reckless abandon, like two rabid wolves fighting over a kill.

More Hive began to emerged, both from the ship and from the cave. Acolytes, bearing the colors of the Blood of Oryx, stormed out, shredders in hand. They dove behind the cover of several boulders, then began firing at the thrall and ship. From the ship, Acolytes with flesh burned like the Thrall ran out, their armor a pale orange, caked in blacked ash, three horns jutting backwards from their helmets, and bodies riddled with the glowing fissures. Their eyes were orange instead of the typical green, and a hole was in their chests, seeping a magma like fluid, similar to the saliva dripping from their mouths. These were then joined by something else entirely. Three figures rushed out. They resembled the Acolytes, but with a few major differences. Orange transparent and glowing crystal jutted out from their gauntlets, knee and shoulder pads, and replaced the spikes on their helmets. Their helmets covered their eyes, replacing them with orange slits, giving them a far more fearsome appearance. Their exposed teeth were also sharper, more blade like as opposed to the flattened teeth of most Hive. Their fingers were tipped in more of the crystals, turning them into glowing, bladelike claws that put the claws of the Thrall to shame. These clawed hands gripped dual shredders, greatly increasing their deadliness. These were Marauders, a rarer, but far deadlier breed of Acolyte.

After the Acolytes, came the Knights, bellowing in fury at each other, cleavers in hand as they sprinted forward. The ones from the ship matched the other Hive from the ship. Blacked hide and armor, fissures of fire, orange eyes, and the gaping hole within their chests, magma like fluid seeping from them, and twin horns placed on the Knight's helmet. The Knights swept the Thrall aside with great sweeps, then their blades slammed together, shattering the night with crashes of fury. Shredder bolts tore through the air, and the cleavers slammed against each other with horrific crashes.

One of the Blood of Oryx knights blocked a down strike from its foe, raising its blade above its head to stop the cleaver. It then shoved back, then swung the blade in a wide arc. The charred Knight lept backward, snarling as it spun, swinging its blade back around. The blood knight ducked under the blade, jabbing its sword forward. The dull dip of the cleaver punched through the Knight's gut, causing dust to erupt out of the charred Knight's back. The Knight groaned, but its pain was cut short as the blood Knight ripped the blade from its gut, then swung it around, cleaving the charred Knight's head from its shoulders, resulting in it erupting into burning embers. One of the Marauders snarled at the Knight, firing at it with its twin shredders. Caught off guard, the Knight groaned in pain as the bolts of void energy tore through its back. The Knight turned, snarling at the Marauder and sprinting towards it, ignoring the void shots that peppered its chest and gut despite the ash leaking from several bullet wounds. However, before the Knight could smash the Marauder with its cleaver, the mutated Acolyte lept into the air, dropping its shredders and snarling as it landed on top of the Knights head. With its clawed, hand like feet, it griped the Knight's shoulders, straddling its head. It then slammed its clawed fingers into the Knight's face, the claws snagging the plate that protected its eyes before yanking up, prying the armored plate from the Knight's face and tearing out its eyes along with it. The Knight roared in pain as the plate tore free, several small tendrils now writhing on the eye plate as a thick black fluid began oozing from the new hole torn in the Knight's face. Blinded, the Knight swung its arms widely, frantically trying to shake the Marauder from its shoulders, but the attacker's clawed feet kept it in place. The Marauder then shoved its hand into the hole within the Knight's face, its claws digging into the soft flesh within the beast's skull. Grabbing a handful of brain matter, the Marauder yanked out its hand, resulting in the Knight's body erupting into embers underneath the Marauder's feet, the junk in its hand dissolving into ash.

A charred Knight roared, swinging its cleaver in a diagonal swing at a blood Knight, forcing it to leap to the side, its side being sliced open from the tip of the sword. The Knight clutched its side, ash pouring out from between its fingers, as it swung its sword at the charred Knight in an attempt to ward it off. The charred Knight blocked the swing with its own sword before slamming it onto the Knight's neck, bursting it to embers. The Knight then turned, snarling as it ran towards the remaining Acolytes, swinging its sword to slam one of them into a nearby boulder, the impact shattering the Hive warrior into ash. The last Acolyte dove behind a rock, avoiding a second swing by the Knight. Pressing its back against the rock, the Acolyte glanced around the corner, watching the charred Knight fight against one of the few remaining blood Knights. However, it only got to watch for a few seconds before something tackled it to the ground. It glanced up, locking eyes with a snarling Marauder. The beast snarled, then swung its shredder down at the Acolyte, planning to smash its head in with the weapon. The Acolyte rolled to the side, slipping out from under the Marauder and barely dodging the impact. The Acolyte tried to stand back up, but was stopped as the Marauder slammed its foot into its back, its hooked claws digging into the Acolyte's back. It then shoved its clawed hands into the Acolytes back before lowly lifted the hive warrior up into the air, ash raining from its back. But the fight wasn't over. The Acolyte suddenly shifted its weight, surprising the Marauder as it rolled down its arm, wrapping its right arm around the Marauders, and clenching its arm. The Marauder's arm snapped just above the elbow, resulting in the beast snarling in pain and dropping its shredder. The Acolyte, acting fast, snatched up the weapon, shoved it into the Marauder's gut, and fired until void bolts erupted from its back. The Marauder groaned, keeling over as its slowly began dissolving. The Acolyte literally tore itself away, ripping off the arm as it stepped aside, avoiding the Marauder as it dropped to its knees, then collapsed, its armor falling apart as the ash inside scattered with the wind. The Acolyte turned slowly, ashes dripping from the large wound in its back. It took a single step before collapsing, its strength failing. It lay still, the light fading from its eyes as its slowly crumbled into dust.

A charred Knight charged two blood Knight's, fearless as it faced two foes. The two Knights snarled at the one, one swinging it blade high, the other swinging low. The charred knight jumped over the blades before landing on top of one of them. Conjuring a wall of darkness, the knight slammed the wall into the blood Knight, knocking it backwards and disarming it. The charred Knight turned to the unarmed Knight, snarling as it advanced on its pray. Suddenly, a clever erupted from the Knight's chest, surprising it. The second blood Knight had thrown its weapon, resulting in the blade embedding itself inside of the Knights back. The charred Knight dropped to its knees, ash dripping from around the blade, before the second blood Knight placed it foot on the Knight's back, grabbed its sword hilt, then ripped it upward, splitting the Knight in half. It then turned to its companion, extending a hand to help it up. Accepting it, the two knights turned and faced the last remaining charred Knight. They glared at the Knight, which slowly backed up, glancing between the two Knights. Snarling, they took a step forward, preparing to charge, but stopped as an earthshaking roar split the air. The three Knights turned, facing the ship as one final, much larger figure, appeared within the ship.

It resembled a Knight, but was far different, standing a foot taller than the other Knights. Its gauntlets, calf guards, shoulder pads, and helmet were all covered in the same glowing orange crystals that covered the Marauder's body. It's flesh, like the others, was blacked, and its pale orange armor caked with black ash. The fissures covering its body glowed even more fiercely than the other's and the hole in its chest seeped a larger amount of the magma like fluid. Its helmet was form fitting, and had two large sweeping crests jutting back from the side of its head. Along with this, a large horn swept back over the helmet, and glowed with fiery light. The front of the crests had jutting pieces of metal attached to them, extending down and forming bladed mouth guards that flanked the mouth. The eyes were covered by the blacked helmet, orange slits replacing the eyes. The slits burned with fire, which seeped from the slits, and billowed out of the helmet. The exposed mouth had large, blade like teeth, and the same magma like saliva dripped from its snarling mouth. Its hands were covered in thick, spiked gauntlets, each one with two large spikes attached to its knuckles, giving it a deadly punch. These brutal gauntlets held a large pole, capped on both ends with savage spear tips, glowing with solar energy. An upside-down cleaver, its tip and blade sharpened to a wicked point, and the hilt replaced with a second bladed tip, was fastened to the pole, along with a smaller, hooked blade attached opposite of the larger blade. This weapon resembled an executioners axe, and burned with hellish flame that licked across the blade. This was a Verdugo, the deadliest and most blood thirsty spawn that a non-Ascendant Hive could become.

The beast roared in fury before sprinting towards the battle, catching the blood Knights by surprise. The Verdugo swung its axe in a large sweep, splitting the legs of a Knight at the knees, causing it to drop to the ground. It glanced up just in time for its attacker to swing its axe downwards, cleaving the Knight completely in two, resulting in the two halves dissolving into ash. The Verdugo then spun its axe, hooking the smaller blade around the second Knight's neck, before yanking it towards it. The Verdugo slammed its spiked fist into the Knight's face, caving it in with a brutal crunch before releasing it. The Knight stumbled back, black ooze and ash dribbling out of its shattered face as it dropped to its knees, then toppled backwards, the body crumbling to ash and scattering the armor. With the blood Knights now dead, the Verdugo turned its attention to the cave, were a wizard had just emerged, followed by three more Knights. She screeched in surprise upon seeing the Verdugo, then floated higher into the air, her hands glowing with arc energy as she unleashed a volley upon the now charging Verdugo and the sole surviving charred Knight, which now charged behind its champion.

The Verdugo roared, raising its hand and conjuring up a wall of darkness. However, unlike a Knight, the Verdugo was able to move with the wall up, allowing it to continue its charge while blocking the wizard's attack. The wizard snarled in annoyance before hurling a darkness curse directly at the Verdugo. Its shield having expired, the Verdugo rolled to the side, avoiding the blast, which struck the charred Knight in the chest, opening a large gash on its chest and throat. The Knight wailed in pain as the necrotic energy began eating away at its flesh, forcing it to drop to its knees before collapsing, the energy dissolving its flesh into nothing. Now closer, the blood Knights ran out from behind the wizard, lifting their cleavers to intercept the Verdugo. However, acting faster than the Knights anticipated, the Verdugo quickly swung its axe in an upward swing, splitting one Knight in half at the hips, and crashing the side of the blade into the head of another, swatting it aside. It then then drove the axe tip into the knee of the third, dropping the Knight before slamming its fist into the Knight's head, putting it to the ground. The wizard screeched in fear, floating backwards as she unleashed another volley of darkness bolts, but it wasn't enough. The Verdugo lept into the air, and impaled the wizard with the long end of its axe, skewering her through the chest. It then slammed her into the ground, nearly knocking the wizard out. The Verdugo yanked the spear from the wizard's chest, lifted its axe, then brought it down on her head, resulting in her screaming as she erupted into embers. However, the executioner's victory was short lived.

One of the Knights that had been swatted aside had recovered, and now swung its cleaver into the Verdugo's left arm, slicing it off just above the elbow. The mutated Knight roared in pain and fury, turning around and swinging its axe at the Knight, forcing it to leap backward to avoid the flaming blade. As the Verdugo swung high, the Knight ducked under the swing, and ran the beast through, the blunt tip of the cleaver bursting out of its back. However, the Verdugo was unfazed. It grabbed the Knight's wrist, dragged it forward, then slammed its head into the Knights, causing its helmet to crack, and ooze to spill out over its eyes. The Verdugo then lifted its axe, and swung the blade, cleaving the Knight's head clean off at the shoulders, resulting in it erupting into embers. But before the armor had hit the ground, the Verdugo's leg was split right at the knee, dropping it to the ground. It awkwardly turned, and met the eyes of the last blood Knight, its knee busted and ash and ooze dripping from its cracked helmet. The Verdugo only let out an angry snarl before the Knight rammed its cleaver straight into its face, right between the eyes. The beast's snarl was cut short, replaced with a haggled gurgle as the magma like fluid leaked from the split skull. The Knight then wrenched its bladed out, splitting the head in two and reducing the Verdugo to a cloud of embers.

Breathing heavily, the Knight scanned the surrounding carnage. Seeing no more enemy Hive, it turned and slowly limped back down into the cave from whence it came. The intruders had been defeated. For now.

"So, if your entire race is female, how do you reproduce?"

"Well, when an Asari and her lover decide to mate, they…"

"Please, you don't need to tell us."

"It's no trouble, I get this question all the time."

"It's not for your sake, it's for my own."

Tri groaned, placing his head back on his medical chair and rubbing his forehead. He felt awful. He'd been fine up until they'd gotten on board the ship, but once they'd left the Cosmodrome, his hyper actuators (think adrenaline) slowed down. Now he was suffering from some of the worse feedback jams he'd ever felt. So, here he was, reclining in his personal medical chair, a large metal vest over his torso, waiting for the nanites to patch up the several injures he'd received, which were actually more then he'd expected.

"Oh, come on Tri, let the woman explain. Would give her something to do." Amber said as she lightly punched him in the arm, earning her a glare from him. He glanced at the alien, looking over her. She was strikingly like a human. Same face shape, same hands, same build. In fact, give her a different skin tone and replace her weird head tentacles with hair and she'd easily pass as a human. However, what bothered him is that he found her attractive, something that he was quite unfamiliar with. He shook off the feeling, and glanced at Shepard, who reclined against the wall close by.

"So, she's an old friend of your?" Shepard glanced up at him, nodding.

"Yes. We've been very close friends for many years now, and I can assure you that she is completely trustworthy and should be able to…"

"Shepard. For the last time, I said no. Not right now."

"What do you think she's going to do, blow up the place? Assassinate someone?"

"Think of it this way. She is an unknown. An unknown that we recovered from Fallen territory. For all the Vanguard knows, she could be a spy of some type, or yes, an assassin sent in to kill the Vanguard, or, maybe lead the Fallen in through some secret way so they can kill us all."

"But she would never do that."

"And I'm sure your right, but I can't be certain, so there's no way she entering the Tower."

Tri grabbed the vest and yanked it off of him, sitting up in the seat. A fine, sand like substance fell from his stomach, the nanites. While they'd repaired the most serious damage, he still had some untreated damage left on his dermal plates. Those would have to wait. He stood, stretching his arms, ignoring the feedback jam that screamed from his joints. Pulling his chest armor on, he glanced back at the women behind him. The alien, Liara if he remembered correctly, stood with her arms crossed, and was having a quiet conversation with Amber, who was leaning on the med chair. Judging from the occasional glance in his direction, the silent tone, and Amber's occasional chuckle, they must be talking about the breeding thing. How crude. Meanwhile Shepard seemed to be pouting. He sighed. He'd deal with that later. At the moment, he needed to figure out what to do with the…Asari. He believed that's what she said she was. At any rate, his options were few, and unfortunately, the best option wasn't very reassuring.

"Buggy. Could you come her please?"

Tri glanced over his shoulder, spotting the green and yellow Ghost flying towards him, yellow eye bright.

"What's up boss?" Tri glanced at the feminine sounding Ghost, and rubbed his forehead.

"Buggy. I need to go down to the Tower for a while, but I don't want any of them," he gestured to the women behind him, "leaving. Unfortunately, out of all of them, you're the one I trust the most. So, once Sparks drops me off at the Tower, he will transfer ship controls to you."

Buggy's eyes widened with excitement. Clearly, she like this idea, maybe too much, and that worried Tri.

"I want you to take the ship back into orbit, and stay there until I signal you. Under no circumstances are you to go anywhere except where I call you. I don't care if a cabal fleet arrives and starts destroying the City, you don't budge. Alright." She nodded at him excitedly. Tri gave her the "really" look that parent give children when telling them orders.

"You sure?"


"You're not going to leave because of some stupid reason."

"No sir. I will keep the ship in space, even if the world is ending."

Tri sighed. Dear Traveler I hope this isn't a mistake. "Alright. I'm counting on you. Don't make me regret it."

Buggy floated high, spinning with excitement. She slowly began heading back towards Amber.

"Don't worry boss, I won't let you down." She turned around, and slammed straight into a support beam with a thud. Tri's shoulders sagged as Sparks appeared, both watching as Buggy shook herself, then zipped back to Amber's side.

"Too late."

Tri landed in the courtyard of the tower, glancing back at his ship as it turned around and headed back into orbit. Breaking into a jog, he quickly ran downstairs. As he passed, he waved at Eris, who stood in her normal spot between the stairs, but she only glared at him in response, as per usual. Entering the Hall of Guardians, he quickly moving towards the back and approached Cayde. The Hunter Vanguard glanced up from some reports he had been reading, and smiled upon seeing his friend.

"Tri, good to see you. I trust your investigation into the Fallen signal went well?"

Tri rubbed the back of his head. "Yes, it did. But that's why I'm here. I need to talk to you." He glanced at Zavala, who was working on some paperwork. "In private."

Cayde blinked, glancing around. "Oh Ah, sure." Tri placed a hand on Cayde's shoulder, then led him up the stairs, down a side hall, and into an empty room, shutting the door behind them. Cayde glanced at the door, then back to Tri.

"Try to be quick. Zavala doesn't like it when I "wander off". Tri nodded, then spoke.

"That "item of interest" that the Fallen had found, wasn't an item at all. It was a person."

Cayde's eyes widened. "Really? A person? Who was it?"

Tri shrugged his shoulders. "Well. That's the thing. The person is… an unknown alien species."

Cayde blinked, caught off guard. "Wait. An unknown alien species, in Fallen custody. Is it hostile?"

Tri shook his head. "No. She is actually quite friendly and seems to be friends with…" Tri stopped, realizing what he was saying. Cayde noticed, and raised a brow.

"Friends with who?"

"No one. Slip of the tongue."

"Tri. You don't have a tongue. Who is it that knows the alien?"

Tri sighed, rubbing his forehead. After a few seconds pause, and Cayde's drilling stare, he answered.

"Her name is Shepard. She's a new guardian within my squad. She's friends with the alien, knows all about her. Says she's trustworthy."

"And how does this Shepard know this alien, and how does a guardian encounter a new species without sharing it?"

Tri shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I trust Shepard. She helped with the alien's rescue, and has done nothing to show dishonesty."

Cayde stroked his chin, thinking.

"So, where is this alien now?"

"She, along with the rest of my squad, are on board my ship, waiting in orbit."

"Can I meet this alien?"

"Only if you can get make sure Zavala doesn't shoot her or arrest her on sight."

"Ahhh, so that's why you wanted to speak privately, scared you'd get on bad terms with your boss."

Tri glared at Cayde, who chuckled in response, smirking.

"I'll get Zavala to loosen up, and when he gives the OK, I'll let you know immediately."

Tri sighed in relief. "Thanks, Cayde."

"No problem, but you do owe me for this. I get to speak with it first, right?" He extended his hand. Tri chuckled, taking it.

"Only if you get there before Ikora." They pulled themselves together, and butted heads, their horns locking for a second before they pulled away, Cayde patting Tri's shoulder.

"Alright. I'll be sure to be there first." Tri smiled, then turned, heading back towards the steps. As he left, Cayde's communicator beeped. Picking it up, he flipped it open, holding it to his head.

"Cayde here."


"Wait slow down, what happened?"


"They're fighting each other? I didn't think that was possible."


"You didn't get involved, did you?"


"Geez, you trying to get yourself killed?"


"Alright, alright. No need to snap. I know you can handle yourself. Just try to stay out of it, and report back to me if you find out anything else. Just don't call me during work hours."


"Yes. I'm aware that entails not calling during the day, but that…"


"Yes, I know it's an inconvenience but so is being stuck inside the Tower all the time, but you don't hear me complain about that."


"Shut up."


"Well if I knew that than I would be working on it, now wouldn't I?"


"Yeah. I hope so too. Bye now."

Cayde put his communicator away, and quickly exited his room. If his informant was desperate enough to call him during daylight hours, then there were more serous things then an unknown alien that Zavala needed to know about.

Shepard sat in the ship, sighing to herself. She wasn't sure how long they'd been waiting, but it was long enough to make her bored. She glanced up, looking at the other people in the room. Amber lay on the med chair, her hands behind her head and her hood pulled up, most likely napping. Liara sat crosses legged on the floor, her eyes closed and head bowed, probably meditating. Shepard stood, walked over to Liara, then sat down next to her, placing a hand gently on her shoulder. Liara jumped slightly, lifting her head and glancing back at Shepard.

"Oh Shepard, you startled me." Shepard smiled softly, patting her friends shoulder.

"How you feeling Liara, you coping alright?" Liara shrugged, then glanced at her hands.

"It's all a bit surreal, An entirely new reality, with a new earth and new races. In most cases I'd say such an idea was ridiculous, but now." She shook her head, then glanced back at Shepard, who chuckled.

"Yeah, it takes some getting used to, but it's actually easier to adjust then you'd think."

Liara nodded. "I hope so." A thought suddenly occurred to Shepard, causing her smile to fade.

"Hey Liara, you wouldn't happen to know where Garrus is, would you?"

Liara rose a brow. "No. I assumed he was here with you." Shepard shook her head, and Liara's face paled some.

"What if he's still out there? What if he's injured?" Liara's voice rose, and panic was evident, but she stopped when Shepard returned her hand to her shoulder.

"I'm sure he's alright, he's a tough guy. I'm sure he's hiding in some hole, killing anything that comes near him." Both Shepard and Liara chuckled at this.

"Yeah. He seems to be good at that."

"Who's Garrus?"

Both women turned and looked at Amber, who was now sitting up in her chair, glancing between the two of them.

"One of my best friends and closest ally. He was with us when we… well when we ended up here."

"A man working with two women, sounds like quite the charmer."

"You don't know the half of it," Liara whispered under her breath, earning a quick glare from Shepard, however, Amber didn't notice.

"You mind telling me what he looks like? Would help if I ever ran into him."

"He's a Turian, a tall, bird like race that's covered in metal like plates. You'd know him when you see him."

Amber's eyes widened slightly, then she glanced to the side.

"You guys come from a messed-up universe. Aliens that resemble human models and metallic birds. Weird."

"Oh please, like this one is any less weird."

Amber chuckled, glancing back at Shepard. "Oh, never said mine wasn't weird, but at least mine makes sense."

"Yes, because Light fighting the Darkness isn't the most cliché thing ever and makes total sense. Right."

Liara rose a brow, glancing back at Shepard. "What are you talking about?"

"I'll tell you later."

Amber rose her hand in surrender. "Alright. I guess both of our realities are equally weird."

Letting out an explosive sigh, Amber laid back down in the chair, pulling her hood back over her eyes. They sat there in awkward silence for about five minutes before Amber sat up again, face red.

"What the hell is taking so long?"

Wind blew loudly across the frozen wasteland, blowing the snow into large and large drifts. The air was blackened by clouds, and the frozen, crumbling city sat in ruins, half buried and covered in ice. In a nearby clearing, a Cabal Psion was digging through the snow and ice with a scorch digger. The device melted clear through the frozen debris, burning it away into nothing. Two more Psion stood next to the first, also digging. These Psion's were also dressed differently than most Psion's. The helmet looked mostly the same, except for the lower portion of the helmet, were a facial hood covered it along with the neck, protecting the neck from snow and trapping heat. A large orange light identified the front of the Psion's helmet, and allowed it to see, blocking out any glare and piercing through thick snow. A kama covered their legs, proving extra protection from the cold, along with bulkier armor plates and cloth under-armor. Their shoulders were far bulkier, and glowed with a heating box, as well as something else. On the lower portion of the enlarged shoulder/back armor, several plates were separated, allowing small jets of slow moving blue energy to shoot downward. This device was actually a repulsion engine, using charged ion particles to create a steady and energy efficient lift that prevented the Psion from sinking into snow and breaking ice due to its weight. Their armor was a deep blue, and had pale white strips running across the chest and limbs. Small orange lights dotted the armor as well, showing that it was fully powered and sealed.

Behind the Psion's, two Legionaries stood guard. Their armor was almost identical to the Psion's, except with larger and bulkier plates, and a much bigger repulsion engine to keep the larger Cabal from sinking in the snow. They wielded modified slug rifles, which had longer barrels and shallower stocks, resulting in the resembling more traditional rifles. These modified slug rifles also had a bayonet attached to the underside, greatly increasing its lethality.

As the Psion's dug deeper into the snow and ice, one of them stopped, noticing something beneath the ice. Placing its drill onto its back, it pulled out a collapsible pickaxe, which unfolded into its full length, the spiked blade glowing with solar energy. It picked at the ice gently, and finally revealed something of interest. A large piece of blackened metal jutted from the ice, the rest descending deep into the ice and out of sight. The Psion turned, placing a finger on its helmet, and contacted the guards outside.

"This is Psion digger 2-9, contact the Centurion. I found something."

One of the guards glanced down the hole, spotting the Psion. He placed his hand on his helmet, extending an antenna up to increase his call.

"Copy that 2-9. Get the other diggers to enlarge the opening, the Centurion will be here shortly.

A few minutes later, a snow interceptor, a modified cabal craft designed for snow travel, arrive at the dig sight. The top opened up, and the Centurion climbed out. His armor was nearly identical to the Legionaries, but still possessed the characteristic back fins along with the larger, upturned helmet design. It wielded an arctic slug rifle instead of a projection rifle, and a large, shotgun like weapon was attached to its back. The Legionnaires dipped their head slightly in respect of their commander, but they didn't salute him. Saluting on the field was forbidden. The Centurion glanced at the Legionaries, then at the large hole dug into the hillside. He then walked into the hole, followed by the two guards. The Psion had enlarged the hole greatly, but it was still a tight fit, but the larger Cabal ignored it.

"What is it?'

"Sir. Digger 2-9 reported his findings ten minutes ago. We called it in immediately, so we are not sure what it is, but the digger claims that it's Vex tech sir." The Centurion stopped, staring at the metal beam protruding from the side of the tunnel. He kneeled down, and ran his hand over the metal surface.

"It would seem that the Primus was correct. It is here. Contact the ship. Inform them of the discovery and tell them to move all dig team to this location."

The Legionaries nodded before turning and running out of the tunnel.

"Right away sir."

As the left, the Centurion ran his hand over the metal beam on final time.

"You thought that you could hide yourself forever, but your wrong. Once we dig you out, your secrets will be ours, and your reign of terror will come to an end."

Eris stood by her table of artifacts, gazing into the orb that she kept with her at all times. Most of the time, the stone was silent, but now, it buzzed and glowed brightly, and twirled within the sphere as if it was alive. Eris ran her hand over it, and coaxed out what it was hiding. Green flame erupted from the orb, and her eyes widened as images filled her mind.

A battle, Hive against Hive. A large Knight, welding a flaming axe, cleaving through lesser Knights as if they were Thrall. An Ogre, its hide covered it crystal growths and with nails driven through its limbs, battling against two smaller Ogres. A Fallen, its armor blackened and eyes green as the Hive, watched the fighting from affair. Fallen dressed in dark robes, bowed before a Hive crystal. A knife flashed, a Fallen screamed as its eyes were cut from its face. Another Fallen placed something within the torn face. Three green eyes, dripping black ooze, stared out from the Fallen's face. A wasteland of snow, a frozen city, occupied by cabal. The ice glows red, and the Cabal fight against invaders, unaware of the threat beneath their feet. A human female, flanked by two strange creatures, stood within a courtyard, surrounded by strange statues. The floor glowed, and the statues came alive. The wall shattered, replaced by a ring of light, and a form emerged. A flash of light, and they vanished. A creature, bound in chains, screamed in agony, blue fluid flowing from its impaled form, thrashing against the chains that held it. Then, the images faded to black, and were replaced by members of each race, all standing in a line. A Fallen Vandal, a Hive Acolyte, a Vex Goblin, a Cabal Legionary, and even a Guardian. Behind them stood thousands of shadowed figures, each one different from the last. All stood, then all screamed as their flesh erupted into flames, burning it away until only charred skeletons remained. The screams of the dead rose higher, and were joined by a laugh. Then the images were pulled back out of her mind.

Eris gasped, stumbling back some. She placed a hand on her head, steadying herself. Whatever she had just seen, it scared her almost as much as Crota had. Something was happening, something that would lead to the destruction of everything within existence. An unknown force that threatened to burn the worlds to ash. Shaking herself, Eris glanced back down at the stone, then turned to her artifact table. She had some research to do.
The Chosen Few Chapter 6: A Change of Pace
This chapter was fun to write. The Hive civil war was especially fun. I cannot recall if anyone has written about Hive fighting against themselves before, so I hope I portrayed it at least partially accurately. Even if not, it was a blast to write. Also, when I came up with the Arctic Cabal, I realized quickly that such massive creatures would have trouble not sinking into snow and shattering ice, so I came up with the repulsion packs. I'm not sure if that's something that Cabal would use, but I like it. Also, the idea of Cabal running across snow and ice without sinking in is both terrifying and awesome, and will sure give anyone who fights them a surprise. So, I hope you guys are enjoying the story, and please don't be shy with the comments. I want to know what you guys think. If you enjoy my characters and ideas, and if you have any theory's. Currently, no one seems to have a clue what's happening, and I love it, MWHAHAHA.
Horvack leaned on his staff, glaring at the wreckage of the destroyed walker. To say that he was displeased would be an understatement. He glanced over at a nearby dreg, who was dragging the body of a headless vandal, struggling to pull the larger body across the ground. A captain approached Horvack, shrapnel launcher in its hand.

"The facility has been swept, no sign of the guardians anywhere. However, the prisoner is missing. I believe that it was taken."

Horvack stiffened, and held in a growl.

"Where are the guards?"
"They were killed in the attack sir. One was butchered by a guardian with another squad. The other seems to have been killed by another Eliksni."

Horvack turned, grinding his teeth together, thinking. She had been here, within the facility. He knew that he had felt a presence, one that wasn't the guardians light, yet he'd ignored it. That would be the last time.

"Priest Horvack!" He turned and faced the source of the call. A female vandal was running up from the facility, and was surprisingly unarmed. He glanced over her, waiting for her to get close before answering.

"What is it?" She stopped, and gave the captain a sideways glance. He sneered at her, but said nothing.

"We've received a message from Kell Valosh. She's on her way now and wishes to speak with you. She'll be arriving shortly."

Horvack nodded, gesturing for the vandal to leave. She dipped her head before turning and running back inside the facility. Horvack glanced at the captain.

"Prepare the men. I want everything to be in order when the Kell arrives. Understand?"

The captain nodded before turning and head back to the facility, shoving a dreg to the side as he went. Horvack turned from the facility, glancing over the few remaining bodies that littered the ground. Something unusual caught it attention. He walked across the field, then knelt down, extending his hand and dipping his fingers into a small puddle of purple fluid. He lifted his hand to his face, and sniffed the fluid. Blood. He reached up his other hand, unclipping a small strap under his helmet, causing it to hiss as he lifted it slightly from his head. His long tongue snaked out from under the helmet, and licked the blood from his fingers. Sweet. He licked off the rest, then lowered his helmet, reattaching it. He stood back up, rubbing his fingers together to clean the rest of the blood off. How very peculiar, unlike any blood he'd tasted before. Must have come from the mystery creature. Very peculiar indeed.

A sonic boom interrupted his thoughts, causing him to turn. A large skiff, its hull painted scarlet and extra plates of armor attached to the sides, flew in from over a hill, and then landed. Horvack moved toward the landing, followed by two captains and four vandals. Once they got close, they stopped, and waited.

Slowly, the bottom of the skiff opened up, and out came three figures. The one on the left was large bulky figure, his armor thick and jagged, with several pieces jutting out to give him a fearsome profile. A large black cape with a red Devil's emblem hung from his shoulders, and a cloth that matched the cape was attached to his chest plate. His helmet possessed a single, backwards swept horn instead of the twin side horns found on most high ranking fallen, and two large tubes attached to a re-breather on the front of the mask before running over each shoulder and attaching to large tanks on his back. Between his shoulder blades was a rounded box, with a light on the back and a large antenna jutting out over his right shoulder. A large shrapnel launcher was in his hands, and two thug style swords hung from his belt. This was Baron Asokek, head of the Devil's skiff fleet.

On the right was a slimmer, more streamlined figure wearing black armor with red armored plates covering the limbs. A red emblem of an Eliksni skull, with twin swords crossed under it was stamped on the black chest plate, slightly to the left side. Two thin strips of black cloth attached to the shoulders, extending down the back like small capes, and a black loincloth attached to the front of the belt. The helmet was shaped like a typical archon helm, but with the horns removed. Also, a single tube attached to the top of the masks re-breather, running upwards against the helmet, between the eye pieces and extending over the helmet to connect with a tank on its back. The arm guards were thick, hiding retractable blades within them, as well as having four shock cores apiece to power the blades. Two punt guns were attached to the thigh guards, and two shock repeaters were placed on his back, providing him with a considerable amount of firepower. This was Baron Dregeks, head of the Devil's new intelligence sector.

In the center, the largest figure of them all, was Lady Valosh, Kell of the House of Devils. She stood over 12ft. tall, and her helmet and armor was almost the same as Archon Priest Aksor, but slightly slimier, and with scarlet plates instead of gold and grey plates. A large scarlet cape flowed from her shoulders, and a large loincloth, stamped with the Devils emblem. Similar to Asokek, a red cloth with the Devils emblem on it covered her chest plate. A massive sword, far larger than a captain sword, was attached to her back, along with her large shrapnel launcher and two punt guns attached to her thigh guards, but currently her hands were at the moment free, swinging gently with her stride.

Horvack bowed slightly in respect of the Kell, and the captains and vandal behind him did the same. Shifting his weight on the staff, Horvack stretched his shoulders, causing the guardian helmets and bones on his spikes and belt to rattle loudly. His slouching posture often led to back pain, but it had gotten even worse recently.

"Lady Valosh. You requested to see me." The Kell glanced over him, then at the facility.

"Yes. I am aware that you have been trying to contact me for several hours now, something about a mystery person you discovered. I'd very much like to see this person myself."

Horvack's shoulders sagged, and he glanced down, his fingers clenching and unclenching on his staff.

"Unfortunately, we were attacked by guardians, and amid the chaos, the mystery person was taken." Valosh crossed her arms, glaring down at the priest.
"You aloud guardians to not only locate one of our key storage facilities, but also capture a possible valuable asset."

"Ma'am I…"

"Silence! I expected more out of you Horvack. I thought I could trust you with guarding this facility. It would appear that I was wrong."

"No my Kell. You were not. I merely underestimated the guardian's strength. But we must concern ourselves with more important fares." He took a step forward. "I am certain that the arrival of this mystery figure is a sign. A sign that the Second Whirlwind is coming." The vandals that stood behind Horvack gasped, and the captains shifted uncomfortably. Meanwhile, Asokek and Dregeks glanced at each other, and Valosh seemed slightly stunned.

"What are you suggesting Priest?"

"The House of Dust has known for many years that the Second Whirlwind would be coming, and we've taken many precautions to ensure the survival of our race. Now, with the arrival of these mysterious humanoids, it is clear. We must act now, to save ourselves from certain death."

"And what is it you suggest witch?" Dregeks snarled out. He never liked Horvack, and viewed the House of Dust as psychotic. If it was up to him, he would have them all slaughtered. Unfortunately, his Kell view the House as valuable enough to ally with, if for nothing else then to prevent them from being enemies. Horvack glanced at Dregeks, drilling him with a stare before turning to face the Kell.

"I've proposed this before, and it still stands." Valosh took a step forward, glaring into Horvack's eyes, her voice venomous.

"I will not start an all-out war between the Devils and the Hive!" Horvack stood firm, unmoving.

"Then all of us will die." Valosh snarled, turning to her face her Barons.

"Asokek! Move our forces and supplies back to the Ketch. Dregeks! Make sure that this facility is never found again."

The two Barons nodded at her, then left, Dregeks moving towards the facility while Asokek moved away, placing his hand on his helmet, the tip of his antennae lighting up as he contacted his ships. Valosh glanced down at Horvack, and he glanced back.

"You are dismissed priest. Pray to your gods that you don't fail me again." She turned away, striding toward the facility, the lesser fallen parting to let her by.

Horvack watcher her leave, sneering underneath his helmet at her. She may be strong willed and powerful, but he wasn't fond of her methods. More accurately, he wasn't fond of her hardheadedness and inability to see logic when it was right in front of her. However, it mattered little. If she refused to follow, she would perish.

"Gathra!" A moment later, a female vandal, wearing a green sash over her white armor, ran out of the facility, dropping to a knee and dipping her head in front of Horvack.
"My Lord." He glanced down at her.

"We have been ordered to leave the facility. Gather my things, and ready my ship." She nodded, then stood. However, before she left, he glanced back at her.

"Wait." She stopped, glancing at him. "First, bring me a Pawn." She glanced at him for a moment before nodding and turning, running back towards the facility, where the others had begun moving equipment out and into the newly arriving skiffs. Horvack glanced around, and spotted the puddle of purple blood again. He stepped towards it, then kneed down next to it. Reaching into cloak, he withdrew a syringe, then placed it into the puddle, drawing it up into the storage vial. Once he'd gotten it all, he lifted the syringe, took off the needle, then sealed the vial with a stopper, placing it back within his cloak. As he stood, he heard footsteps behind him.

Turning, he spotted Gathra approaching, holding a chain in her hand. On the other end of the chain was a Pawn, a dreg who had shamed themselves beyond the price of death. It was the same size as other dregs, and wore roughly the same outfit, but there were some differences, such as the lack of a helmet. Along with the two missing lower arms, this one's upper left arm was also missing, replaced with a pod like the lower two. It's two right eyes were also missing, having been gouged out. A cloth had been wrapped around its head to cover the empty eye sockets. However, the biggest difference was the box that had been bolted into its flesh, the box filled with explosive, similar to an exploding dreg. A large metal ring was wrapped around its neck, attaching it to the chain in Gathra's hand. She yanked the pawn forward, resulting in it tripping and falling at Horvack's feet, glancing up at him.

The archon stared down at the pawn for a second, the knelt down, grabbing the pawn by the throat and hoisting him up into the air. Horvack's hand began glowing sickly green, and the pawn began shuddering. Its eyes began glowing green, and slowly, the flesh of the pawn began thinning, the skin hugging the bones as the life was sucked from it, ether leaking from its eyes and mouth. Finally, after a few moments, the pawn looked like little more than skin and bones, smoke drifting out of its mouth and empty eye sockets.

Horvack shuddered, his shoulders rising as his stature straightened, as if he had gained strength, the pain in his back now gone. He tossed the body aside, then turned and walked towards the facility, his stride now faster than it had been before.

Mirvia sat next to a fire, slicing off a hunk of meat from the deer she had hanging over it. She bit into the flesh, savoring the rich taste as juice ran out from between her exposed mouth tendons and over her chin. Unlike other fallen, she didn't require ether to survive. Also, due to the traits provided by her father, she didn't require food to survive either. However, she still enjoyed eating, since it gave her an energy boost. Plus, the taste is a nice bonus. She glanced around at her cave. It was one several secluded spots she had hidden across the wastelands, all places that she called home. Holes she could hid in, which ever one was closest at the time. However, this one was her favorite. It was located on the top of a tall cliff-side, high above the waste below. There was only one way to reach it, and that was to take a steep and narrow pass, which she had rigged with early warning systems and traps. Along with that, the cave itself was almost impossible to see unless you knew where to look for it. Being her favorite hideout, she kept her most valuable possessions within this cave. This included her weapons stash, several human artifacts which shed taken a liking too, and, most importantly, her collection of Hive artifacts. These artifacts included a wizard's helmets, several green crystals, a handful of hive books, a glowing orange jar, and most valuable, a miniature Oryx shrine which she'd swiped from the bowels of the Hive's stronghold.

She yanked off another hunk of meat, placing it within her mouth, then biting down. She thought about the humanoid she'd met earlier today. Such a strange a creature, like a human yet very different. Strange. She sighed, pulling out her dagger, running a finger over the blade. Hopefully leaving that thing alive wasn't going to come back to bite her. She thought a moment. She needed to make sure it didn't. She stood, walking over to her shrine and kneeling down in front of it. She placed a hand on the shrines orb, her hand starting to tingle from the energy coursing through the shrine. She lifted up a lower arm, and fished under her chest plate, bringing out the medallion that she wore at all times, the only thing she had left from her mother. It was made of black metal, with a green gemstone place in the middle, the stone glowing sickly. She rubbed the stone, simultaneously rubbing the shrine. Both the shrine and the gem began glowing and pulsing in tandem, showing how they shared a connection. She then began to pray.

"Lord Oryx, King of the Hive, god of destiny, hear me. My foes are closing in around me, threatening to devour me. Remember me my lord, grant me the strength to destroy them. Grant me the power, to become like you. Grant me the strength that you gave my father." She lifted her head, her green eyes glowing brightly, the shrines pale orange light illuminating her pale, dry face, her large fangs, her exposed jaw muscles and tendons, skeletal slit like nose and her deadlocked hair.

Crystal sat at a table within the towers library, reading a large book on the fallen. She lifted an apple to her month, taking a bite as she read the page. Her finger traced over the writing, helping her to concentrate. She was so focused on what she was reading, she didn't notice the second guardian walk up behind her. He was human, with fare skin and dark, almost black hair. On his forehead was a green triangle, with two long strips running downwards towards his green eyes, then running over them. He placed a hand on her shoulder causing her to jump in surprise, then glance back at him, chuckling.

"Oh Theodore, I didn't see you there." He chuckled, sitting down next to her.

"Hello Crystal. What you working on that has you so thoroughly preoccupied?"

"Just some research on fallen superstitious. Tri believes that he may have found some kind of religious artifact of theirs, and he wanted me to see if I could find anything useful."

Theodore tilted his head, glancing at the book. "Any luck."

Crystal sighed, shaking her head. "No. Nothing the stands out. Most of their religious jargon circles their worship of the Servitors, but aside from that, nothing."

"Well, it's not like where experts in fallen theology."
"That's true. How's your research coming?" He brightened up at this.
"Oh, it's coming along incredibly well. Yesterday I was working with some compounds, and I discovered that by taking an orb of Ascendant Energy and wrapping it in spin metal before freezing it for two hours, its dissolves into a paste that can heal wounds three-time faster than med-gel! It even works on Exos." Amber's eyes widened.

"Wow really? They've been trying to find a med-gel alternative for Exos for years. Have you tested it?"

"Actually, I gave Veronica a batch of it before she went out on patrol. Knowing her, she bound to get herself injured in some way, so it will be the perfect test."

"How exciting."

"I know right." He suddenly stopped, a beeping noise interrupting his thoughts. He glanced down at his wrist, were a holographic watch was beeping at him. Tapping it with his finger, the beeping stopped.

"Hey Crystal. You don't happen to have a Mote of Light on you by any chance?"

She thought a moment, then lifted up a hand, the small orb of pure light appearing in her palm.
"Yeah. What do you need it for?" He reached out, plucking the mote from her hand, giving it a few small tosses as he looked at it.

"I'm running some tests with them to see if it's possible to convert them into a liquid state. The applications if so might be endless." He stood, the mote held tightly in his hand.

"Thanks Crystal. I hope you find what you're looking for." She smiled at him.

"It's no trouble at all. And I hope your test go well." He nodded at her before turning to leave, with Crystal returning her focus to her books.

Theodore walked down the hall, tossing the Mote of Light gently in his hands as he thought to himself. I hope that Veronica and Nova bring back some motes soon. If I continue asking others for them, someone might start to investigate. Reaching his quarters, he unlocked the door, then slowly pushed it open. Unlike most wizards, Theodore's quarters hadn't been converted into a lab or study room. In fact, aside from the rather extensive and large alchemy and chemistry tables located in the back, the dwelling looked incredibly normal. A kitchen area, a coach and a chair circling a table. A holo-screen flanked by picture frames. A quaint dwelling.

Walking to his work table, Theodore placed the mote on a small pedestal, suspending it with anti-gravity. Reaching for his heating box, he set the temperature to 350 degrees Celsius, the box's interior immediately starting to glow a brilliant yellow. Picking up a storage tube, he poured several chemicals into the tube, then finally dropped the mote into the amber fluid. The light shimmered within, and began to steam. He placed the tube inside the box, then closed it, allowing the tube to cook. He sighed, placing his arm on the table then supporting his head with it. He desperately hoped that it works this time. He'd gotten close before, but a fluke resulted in his heat box practically vaporizing itself into a puddle of motel ash. However, this time, he was certain it would work. It would make things much easier if it did.

The box began rattling, causing him to rise from the table, glancing at it. It rattled more, and the metal began glowing slightly, heat radiating from the box. He sword, the pulled its plug, immediately cutting off the power. He waited for a moment, letting the steam settle before reaching for the door, and opening it. A brilliant light shone from within the tube, the amber fluid having been replaced by this shimmering white fluid. He reached out, grabbing the still warm vile and lifting it up. He slowly spun it, watching in amazement as the glowing fluid flowed within the tube.

"It worked. It worked! Yes, it worked! Ahhh, this will make things so much easier." He grabbed a syringe, and slowly drew out a tiny sample of the liquid light. He placed it down. He needed to get going. He was already later than usual. He walked briskly back to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took out a whole chicken which he had been saving. Taking out a knife, he drew it across the birds back, splitting the meat open about an inch deep. He then took the vial, and poured the liquid light out over the chicken, making sure that it seeped into it fully. Once he had emptied the vial, he picked up the chicken and began rubbing the excess fluid all over it, until the entire bird gave of soft glow. He smirked at the bird, examining it. Yes, this would work far better.

He opened one of his side doors, then stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. It was lit only by two lamps on either side of the door, both of which had been covered by white gems, so that the light was less intense. He knelled down in-front of the door, then held the chicken out.
"Cleo. I have something for you." A soft grow responded back before the person in question revealed themselves. A thrall, with a metal collar around its neck attached to an energy chain, slowly crept forward out of the dark. However, this thrall looked different than most. A small black loincloth dangled from its waist, and metal spikes were drive through its lower arms; two on the right, and one on the left. Its chest was also less open then most, with a sealed abdominal area, with only the chest cavity still being opened up. Other than that, however, it resembled any other hive thrall, just not it behavior.

It slowly crawled forward on all fours, glancing between Theodore and the chicken. It then stopped about two feet from him, standing upright on all fours as its toes held it up. It glanced at the chicken one final time before turning to Theodore, tilting its head.
"What that?" Its voice, though raspy and broken, had a surprisingly soft feminine tone to it. Theodore smiled at her.

"This is dinner. It should work better than last time." She tilted her head back, then turned to the chicken.

"Cleo no like last time. Worm was hungry. Cleo felt pain." She faced him again, and he nodded at her.

"Yes, and I'm truly sorry about that. But I promise that this one will work." She gave him one final look before turning to the chicken. She slowly and cautiously reached out for the bird, then snatched it from his hands. She hunched over the bird, tearing into it with her teeth, snorting softly as she feed on it. Theodore smiled softly, then gently stepped forward, till he was kneeling right next to the feeding thrall. He lifted his hand, and gently placed it on the top of her smooth head. She froze momentarily before continuing, but at a slower pace. He slowly began rubbing the top of her head with his thumb. Once she finished, she sat down, placing her hands on the ground and slightly dipping her head, allowing him to continue to rub her head. It was an unknown feeling to her, one that shed only received recently. Theodore smirked as he continued to rub her head. Everything was working out perfectly.

James downed his drink in one final swig before placing the glass back down on the counter. This bar was one of the only decent places to go in the town of Vens, but he couldn't complain. The town was located near a forest, with tones of game and other supplied nearby. Plus, it had a strong trade with a nearby small city, providing it with goods that some would be jealous of. However, most importantly, it was too small for any enemies to take note of. Not that any were nearby. Fallen hadn't been seen within even 100 miles of the town, and nothing else was a threat out here, so it was a peaceful, if dull life. James rose from his stool, placed down enough glimmer to cover his drinks, then stepped out through the door.

Immediately, he noticed something was off. Usually, the night air was full of the sound of calling birds and buzzing insects. Maybe the calls of a frog or two, depending on the night. However, tonight, the air was deathly silent, not a noise to be heard. James glanced around, unnerved by this silence. He slowly walked down the street, glancing this way and that, but he saw nothing. He sighed, rubbing his head. Perhaps he'd had too much to drink. He rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the drowsiness from them. However, once he opened them, he saw something that made his heart stop. A woman, Patricia if he wasn't mistaken, was lying against the wall of a nearby building, blood pouring from a large wound in her chest. James ran up to her, and crouched, checking for a pulse. He found none. He glanced up, frantic, and spotted a second body, not ten feet away, this one unrecognizable due to the crushed skull. James gagged, looking away, trying not to vomit. When he looked up, his eyes traveled down the main street, and what he saw sickened him. All along the street, bodies lay here and there, all bleeding from wounds in their heads and chest, all of them dead. He couldn't hold it, he hurled on the spot.

As he stared at the ground, he noticed a green light slowly emerge from behind him, shining between his legs. His heart stopped, and he slowly turned to looked behind him. A figure stood behind him, one that made his blood run cold. He opened his throat to scream, but a cold hand shot forward, grabbing his throat and cutting off his air before he could. He was lifted up, held high as the beast glared at him with those hellish green eyes. They were the last thing he saw before he died.
The Chosen Few Chapter 5: Beginnings and Endings
Just a short filler chapter I felt like slapping in. Introduces a couple new characters, helps establish a few things, and provides some more insight. Next chapter will take longer to come out, so be prepared. It will also get back to our good friends from Mass Effect. Also, something I think I should share. Timeline wise, this takes place after the House of Wolves revolts but before Oryx arrives. In the story, when Crota was killed, he never sent out his message to the stars. So, while Oryx knows he's dead, he doesn't know how to get here, and thus, won't be showing up. At all. I know it might not be realistic, but I'm going with it. Also, due to some Ascended Hive attempting to fill Crota's position, a civil war has erupted within the hive. This, along with another issue, is making their impact toward the other races greatly lessened. Also, the one person who can stop the war, vanished around the same time Crota was killed. There you go, some extra lore I wanted to share. At any rate, please comment. Tell me what you think. Please share your theories about what you think is happening, and what will happen to our dear friends. Also, let me know what you think about my original character, I'd love to know.
"Tri. Where did you get this armor?" He turned and gave Amber a sideways glance, trying, yet failing to hid the annoyance on his face.

"From Vaira. She had some left-over armor and she said I could use it for scrap."

"Oh really, is that the lie you're telling yourself. Alright then."

"Amber, I've told you hundreds of times, there is nothing between us. We're simply friends."

"Whatever spark pluck. Whatever gets your current flowing." She smirked, earning a growl from the Exo. Shepard glanced over her shoulder at him, and he turned to face her. Despite his angry expression, Shepard couldn't stop a smirk from spreading across her face. Her smartassness was starting to show again.

"So, you have a girl Tri?" This earned her a glare from him, followed by a yank on the connecting strap on her back, resulting in it growing painfully tight. She held in a pained yelp.

"Shutting up."

He loosened the strap back up before speaking. "As I said. We're friends. However, Amber likes to think since she's the only female Exo I ever hang out with means that we're dating. Which is just stupid."

"Well, whatever the case, thanks for the armor." Tri attached the final metal shoulder pad in place before patting Shepard's back.

"It's not trouble at all. Like I said, I was planning on scrapping this. But this is a far better use for it if you ask me."

Shepard nodded, then turned to face Tri, admiring her armor. The armor was colored a glossy white, with red accents surrounding her joints, and with a black under suit. It was a little bulkier then her N7 armor, but it felt just as light, and even more maneuverable. Truly incredible. She glanced back up, and saw Tri holding out her helmet. It was the same color as her armor, and had a large black visor which covered the entire top of her head and the front of her face. However, it looked like it was made of metal, not glass. Curious. She slipped it on, and immediately the inside lit up with light, a display screen appearing, allowing her to see through the helmet. A HUD appeared on the screen as well, showing her shield level, her ammo count and weapon type, as well as a radar system. She smirked within her helmet.

"This is sweet."

Tri chuckled. "Glad you like it. However, since you don't have a ghost, some of your systems will be more difficult to maintain. Until we figure out how to fix this, I'll let my ghost Sparks help you out." He held out his hand, and Sparks appeared, however this one looked quite different from the one she had seen before.

This one had a bulkier orange shell, with black metal straps bolted to the two side panels, two blue lights glowing from between the bolts. Navy blue strips also ran down the points of the ghost, and its eye was blue as well. It examined her before flying towards her then vanishing, startling Shepard slightly.

"Don't panic, but I'm inside your helmet. I'm just going to boot up all your systems, connect you with our fireteam comms, and…. Huh?"

Shepard rose a brow. "What is it?"

"I'm detecting another connection point, almost like a computer."

"Oh um. Could you transfer all the suit controls to that please?"

"Why? I'm not even sure it's supposed to be in here."

"Please Sparks, it'll help my suit run better."

He sighed. "Fine. Transferring systems over now. But I'm not being held responsible if anything goes wrong."

Shepard glanced down at her right arm, her omni-tool brightening up as the suit commands were transferred to it, granting her easy access. She smirked, glancing up as Sparks reappeared. She quickly shut her omni-tool off before he saw it.

"Thanks Sparks." He glanced at her before nodding and flying back towards Tri, who was approaching her with an orange auto rifle in his hand.

"Here. Take this."

She took the rifle, giving it a small spin in her hands.

"Don't forget to tap the box on your hip if you need ammo, and try not to drop the cartridges, it makes combat a lot more dangerous."

She smirked, placing the rifle on her back, where magnetic seals engaged and held it firm, before she nodded.

"How good are you with shotguns."

She brightened up with that comment. "Pretty good. I normally like to carry one with me."

Tri nodded, holding out his hand again as a shotgun materialized in his hand. A second black box, this one with a green shine on it, was also in his hand.

"Then take this. And be sure to only use this ammo in it." She took the shotgun, and the box, clipping the shotgun onto her back and the box to her hip, below the first one. She noticed how her HUD automatically changed to match the weapons she now carried, along with displaying the ammo she carried. This was too cool.

Her attention was then drawn back to Tri, who now had a helmet over his head. It looked almost like a futuristic Roman helmet. A large fan of black and white feathers stuck up from the back of the helmet, curving with the shape of his head. Two large blue plates covered his face, and a pink light was glowing from between the plates in the front. He was holding a rifle in his hands, and a larger, more powerful looking shotgun was on his back. Beside him, Amber stood, her armor fully on again, and a rifle in her hands, and a sniper on her back. Then, they all vanished in a flash of light.

Tri lifted his rifle as soon as they touched the ground. The Cosmodrome spread out before them, its low rusted buildings covered in snow, and its few plants lazily shuddering in the cold breeze. It was nighttime, and the moon shone upon the landscape, turning it white. After a quick sweep, Tri lowered his rifle, then turned back to face the women behind him.

"Amber. Mount up and stay close. Shepard, you'll be riding with me."

She tilted her head at him. "Riding?" In answer to her question, Tri's Aeon Glow sparrow materialized under him. Shepard stared at it as if in shock.

"Ok. That is pretty cool." Tri gestured for her to hop onto the back. Carefully, she did so. She wrapped her arms around his chest, for lack of a better hold, and squeezed onto the small seat. Next to them, Amber sat on her own Aeon Glow sparrow, waiting patiently. Then, they took off into the distance.

"I thought you said this would be easy?"

"It will be."

"You call infiltrating a primary Devil's lair easy?"

Tri knelt beside Amber, who was lying prone on the ground, her face to the scope of her Dead Orbit sniper rifle. Behind them, Shepard was kneeling down, staying low so she would be out of site. Below them, a large set of buildings lay on the valley floor. A massive complex consisting of multiple warehouses and a factory building. From the distance, one could easily make out the large House of Devils banners that hung from the sides of the buildings, along with dozens of vandal guards pacing on the rooftops and by the doors. Several Skiffs could be seen filling a courtyard, and a team of pikes had just come in, parking themselves inside on the open warehouses. The only thing missing from the picture was walkers, but those were certainly here somewhere.

"Alright. So, it's a larger facility than I expected, but we can handle this. We've been through worse." Amber turned to glance a Tri, most likely giving him an "oh really" look. Tri ignored her.

"Just keep an eye on those pikes. Tell me if they move, and wait for my signal." Tri stood, and slipped over the lip of the hill and began sliding down. Shepard gave Amber one last glance before she shrugged, then slid down the hill as well. She followed close behind him, both moving carefully down the hill, hiding behind boulders whenever they stopped. Shepard came to a stop beside Tri, and glanced around the edge of the boulder. About 50 yards ahead, one of the warehouses stood, its door open. A single vandal, wire rifle in hand, stood by the door, looking incredibly bored. As far as it seemed, he was the only guard at this location currently.

"So. What's the plan." Tri glanced back a Shepard, and she stared back at him, waiting patiently. He then pointed around the boulder.

"Amber is going to pick off the roof guards first, creating a distraction. While that's happening, I'm going to run up and handle that guard." He gestured towards the vandal by the door.

"I want you to stay here till I handle him." Shepard frowned, a little disappointed she had to wait, but she nodded. She wasn't going to question him. Tri turned, facing the facility again as he placed a finger on the side of his helmet.

"Alright Amber. Knock them down."

Shepard glanced up, expecting the shots. However, all she could make out was a faint sliver of white, zipping by in an instant. No gunshot, no vapor trail. This happened once, twice, then three times. Finally, a fourth zipped by, resulting in a guard, who must have been standing on the roof out of site, crumbling to the ground. The body landed right next to the guard by the door, causing him to jump in surprise. However, he had no time to react to the body. As soon as it had fallen from the roof, Tri took off running straight towards the guard. Shepard watched as Tri sprinted with incredible speed towards the guard, tackling him to the ground just as he turned around. Raising an elbow, Tri slammed it into the side of the vandal's head, causing the helmet to crack and ether to spurt out from the shattered mouthpiece, killing it instantly and quietly. He then dropped to his knees, and signaled Shepard.

Glancing from side to side, Shepard then took off in a low crouch, covering the distance quickly before sliding into the open doorway. Inside, Tri had dragged the two bodies into a corner, where he was now discreetly stacking them to hid them from view.

"I'd say you've got about ten minutes before someone notices the guards missing."

"Noted. Keep us informed if anything changes. And stay out of sight."

"Copy that."

Tri glanced at Shepard, and she nodded, taking out her shotgun. He pulled out his auto rifle, and moved towards the door.

"Stay close, and don't shoot unless I say. Or if you're about to die." Shepard smirked at this, following close behind Tri.

They moved down dark and rusted halls, sticking to the shadows. Suddenly, Tri froze, listening. He then shoved Shepard to the side, pushing her into a gap within the wall. This alarmed her, but she kept silent, remaining still as Tri held her against the wall. He then squeezed in himself, pressing himself almost uncomfortably close to her to fit within the small space. He must have heard something to cause this reaction. Then she heard it, a soft whirling sound, like a machine of some kind. The source of the sound then appeared. A drone, about the size of a dog, flew down the hall slowly. It was box shaped, mostly, but two small discs where placed on its back corners, small flames erupting from the discs, showing they provided the drones propulsion. Small metal fins underneath steered the drone. The drone stopped, then slowly turned to face the wall they hid in. Three blue lights in the front lit up, looking like the eyes of a creature. A gun was attached underneath the drone, providing it with a means of defense. It slowly scanned the wall, the small gun twitching from side to side. Finally, after a few moments, the drone turned back around then continued down the hall, as if it had seen nothing.

After a few moments, Tri slowly pulled himself from the tight space, and glanced down the hall. Shepard glanced out as well.

"What was that?" She made sure to keep her voice low. Tri answered in a low voice.

"That was a shank. Small fallen drones that act as scouts and attack drones. Their weak, not difficult to handle, but they will sound an alarm if they see us."

They moved down a few more corridors, sticking to the shadows. Finally, Tri held up a fist, causing Shepard to stop. A chattering noise could be heard from around the corner, the same kind that Shepard had heard the day she'd waken up. Tri moved forward, then peaked around the corner, looking inside. It was a small room, filled a several of those communication pillars that Shepard had seen earlier. A single vandal was in the room as well, its four arms moving across the pillars as it worked on them. Tri glanced back at Shepard, then gestured to the vandal with his head. She glanced at it before nodding at Tri, placing her rifle onto her back.

Slowly creeping forward, she activating her omni-blade as she entered the room. The vandal stood by one of the communication boxes, using its top two arms to hold it open while the lower two were rooting through wires and cables inside the box. Shepard moved forward slowly, staying low. The vandal froze, lifting its head and smelling the air before slowly glancing over its shoulder. As soon as it did, Shepard lunged forward, wrapping an arm around the vandal's neck as she shoved her omni-blade into its back. The alien went rigid, the lid of the comms box falling from its hands and crushing its lower arms with a dull thud. Shepard then pulled out the blade, and placed the body down on the ground. She turned just as Tri entered the room.

"That was pretty good." He glanced at the still active omni-blade.

"What is that?" Shepard glanced down at it, then deactivated it as she stood back up.

"It's an omni-tool, a multi-purpose tool that works as a melee weapon, a hacking device, and a personal computer. Their quite common where I'm from." Sparks then appeared, flying over to the boxes, but not before glancing at Shepard.

"Well that explains the additional computer port in your suit." Tri glanced at Shepard, then shrugged, and she shrugged back before at Sparks. The Ghost was scanning the boxes with a beam of blue energy, but what exactly he was doing, Shepard wasn't sure. Tri approached Sparks, placing a hand on one of the boxes.

"What do got Sparks, any clue what this "item of interest" may be?"

"It seems that the "item" is actually a person. If I'm hearing this correctly, they found a blue skinned humanoid that is neither a human nor an awoken. They've been trying to contact their Kell for hours, but have yet to make contact."

Shepard's eyes widened. A blue skinned humanoid that isn't a human or awoken. Could it be?

"Tri. We need to find this person. I think I might know who it is."

He glanced at her, "You do? Who?"

"A friend. Someone who was with me when I… came here."

He nodded, then turned to Sparks.

"Do you know where their holding this person?"

"Not specifically, but if I had to guess, it would be one of their back-storage rooms, deeper inside the facility.

"Which way is that?" Shepard glanced at Sparks.

"Whoa. Easy there Shepard. You can't just go running through the facility. You'll get yourself killed."

"Then come with me. Didn't we come to get the item of interest?"

Tri sighed, nodding. "Your right. We need to move." He glanced around real fast, peaking his head out of the room for a quick check.

"I think it's time we reveled ourselves to the fallen."

Amber glanced over the facility, thinking. How to make a distraction, many options. She could see several guards, pacing the roofs. Some expensive looking boxes near the rear, some… She stopped, a boom breaking the silence. She glanced up and spotted a Skiff flying in towards the facility, giving her an idea.

Leaping from the top of the hill, she allowed herself to slide down the slope, her rocket launcher appearing within her hands. A blue wire shot zipped by her head, but she ignored it. They'd spotted her, but that was the idea. As she came to a stop about halfway down the hill, she turned, then lifted up her rocket launcher, aimed it at the Skiff, then fired. The rocket screeched through the air, colliding with the Skiff's engine just as it passed over head. She lept to the ground, dodging the ball of flame and debris the erupted from the Skiff as its engine was blown out. The craft began spinning out of control, flames spewing from its back as it slowly descended from the sky before smashing into one of the buildings. An enormous explosion erupted from the buildings, a pillar of fire and smoke rising into the air as the ground shook.

Amber glanced up, a smirk spreading across her face as she watched the ball of fire slowly dissipate. An alarm began to blare, and the chattering shouts of fallen began rising into the air. She placed a finger on her helmet.

"How's that for a distraction?"

"Amber… I think that will do."

Horvack sat on the floor, his legs crossed and hands placed on his knees as he meditated. He breathed deeply, using the silence to clear his head. However, this silence was suddenly interrupted by a large explosion, which shook the building, flinging dust into the air at the metal walls rattled. His eyes opened slowly, and a low growl began to form in his throat. An alarm began to blare, and a few moments later, the door behind him burst open.

"Archon Horvack! Guardians are attacking the facility!"

Horvack glanced behind his shoulder, and spotted a captain flanked by two vandals standing in the doorway.

"Are you the one in charge of the guard?" Horvack's voice was low, almost calm. This unnerved the captain, causing him to hesitate for a moment before he straightened.

"I am. And I take full responsibility for…" His words were cut off as Horvack spun around, snarling as he stood, his fist extending to collide with the captain's head. The captain was knocked through the door and into the hall, were he smashed into a wall before landing on his stomach. As he tried to rise, Horvack rushed into the hall, the two vandals stepping aside, both out of respect and out of fear. Horvack slammed his foot onto the captains back, causing him to grunt in pain from the intense weight. He then bent down, and grabbed the captains two lower arms with his, as well as his cape with an upper hand. He then shoved down while yanking up, resulting in the cape, and the captain's arms, being torn from his body as he howled in pain. Horvack turned, the captain's arms dangling from his hands, ether splattering the floor and walls. He snarled at the vandals, who cowered in the doorway.

"Anyone else want to fail at their duty!?" The two vandals said nothing. They simply stared down at the ground, avoiding eye contact. Horvack growled before stepping off of the captain's back, dropping his arms and cape. He then grabbed the captain by the head, lifting him up before throwing him farther down the hall. He then turned and snarled at the vandals again.

"Then get this filth out of my sight! And kill those Guardians!" The two vandals nodded before hurrying down the hall, one picking up the captain's arms, while the other grabbed the wounded captain by the shoulders, lifting him to his feet and moving him out of the hall. Horvack growled as he turned back to his room, stepping inside and grabbing his staff from where it leaned against the wall. He stared at the inscription that he had carved into the metal wall, his hand extending to trace one of the shapes that made up writing.

"These fools. All they care about is what the wretched humans have left behind, and how they can use it. They're blinded by greed. All Eliksni have fallen from our former glory. But I will return them to that glory. I will make them see the light once again." As he turned to leave the room, his fingers trailed from the image, his claws leaving a small trail underneath the three eyes that stared out from the snarling face on the wall.

The vandal snarled as it crawled out of the drainage pipe, drawing its two swords before rushing forward. Shepard stood, and fired her auto rifle at the vandal, causing it to stagger from the hail of bullets. Finally, its integrity failed, and it crumbled to the ground. Tri lept out from behind his cover, shotgun in hand, and rushed the captain. The fallen snarled, firing its shrapnel launcher in an attempt to stop the guardian, but it wasn't working. It tried to step to the side and dodge, but this failed, and it was knocked back by the shotgun firing, shattering its shields. Before it could retaliate, it caught a shotgun round to the face, resulting in its head erupting into a small fountain of ether. A dreg crept through the shadows, shock dagger in hand as it snuck up on Shepard. Shepard heard it and spun, deploying her omni-blade. The dreg snarled, lunging at her. She kicked her foot onto the air, her boot connecting with its head, knocking it to the ground. She followed up by slamming her blade into the dreg's chest, killing it instantly. She yanked out the blade, and looked at Tri.

"Tri, we need to go before we get surrounded." Tri looked up and nodded, releasing his grip on a dreg's crushed throat.

"Indeed. Stay close." He stood back up, and ran towards another hall, Shepard following close behind. Soon they came to a cross roads. Tri glanced from side to side before pointing to the left, then to the right. Shepard nodded, and ran down the left hall, while he ran down the right.

As Shepard ran, her mind raced. Her friend was here somewhere, and she was going to find her, and nothing was going to stop her. She rounded a corner, entering a wide room filled with shelves. A squad consisting of two dregs and a vandal were on the far side, all turning to face Shepard. She snarled at them, lifting her rifle and opening fire. One of the dregs dove for cover just as the other was knocked to the ground, its knee being blown out from Shepard's shots. The vandal lept back, grabbing one of the shelves and pulling it down. It then clambered over the cover before sticking its shock rifle out and firing. Shepard dove to the side, executed a role, then came up shooting again, moving her shots upward. The dreg on the ground groaned in pain as the bullets trailed up its body before the last shots connected with its throat and skull, dropping it.

The second dreg poked its head around the corner, lifting it pistol and firing at Shepard. Shepard stood, back-peddling to avoid the tracking shots of the vandal. She fired at the vandal, forcing it to duck back behind cover. Shepard ran at the dreg, then swung her fist right as it peaked around the corner. Her fist connected with its head, knocking it to the ground. She fired into its back, ending its thrashing. She turned, placing her rifle on her back as she drew her shotgun, rushing the vandal. It stood, and lept over its cover, and swung its arms. Shepard was hit in the head, but she ignored it, swinging her gun at it. The butt of the gun smashed into the vandal's head, disorienting it. Before it could move, she shoved the barrel up under its chest plate, then fired. The vandal froze, its lower hands clasping at Shepard's gun for a moment, ether spilling out from around the gun. Soon the light faded from its eyes, and it went limp. Shepard kicked the body off of her gun, then wiped the ether off the barrel. She then ran out of the room, determined to find her friend.

Tri knelt down by the captain's body, examining it closely. Running his finger across the large wound in its back, he took note of the burned flesh that surrounded it. This wasn't done by him or Shepard.

"Sparks. What does that look like to you?" The ghost appeared next to him, and began scanning the body. A dreg popped out of a nearby pipe, snarling. Tri turned, lifting his rifle and firing a short burst, dropping the dreg as its head erupted into ether. He turned back to Sparks, who was still scanning the body.

"Looks like a shock sword did this. A clean stab straight through the back."

"I know fallen houses fight amongst themselves, but the closest enemy house is miles from here."

"Then it would seem the Devils have more than one type of intruder." A muffled screech sounded from nearby, drawing Tri's attention. He glanced up right as the screech was replaced by the sound of a blade slicing flesh. From a nearby doorway, the body of a dreg dropped to the ground, its throat sliced open, smoking from fresh burns.

"Yeah. And I think I just found it." He ran towards the doorway, and picked up the sounds of footsteps running in front of him. He gave pursuit.

Amber hid behind a boulder, desperately trying to avoid the shots that pelted the stones around her. She glanced around the corner, but had to immediately pull back as her shields were broken by a wire shot. She gritted her teeth, shaking her head to rid her of a headache. Down below, dozens of dregs and vandals fired at her with shock rifles, pistols and wire rifles. Three captains roared in anger, firing their shrapnel launchers at her. Dozens of shanks wheeled about, trying to flank her.

Amber stuck her rifle out, dropping four shanks with a single shot apiece. She then drew her sniper, steadying her breathing. She peaked over the cover, then fired. The explosive sniper round blasted a captain off his feet, peppering two surrounding dregs with shrapnel as well as shattering the captain's shields. A second shot blasted the captains head off, spraying more shrapnel over the surrounding dregs and killing them too. She fired a third, which blasted a hole clean through the chest of a sniper vandal, knocking him off the roof. However, her shooting was interrupted by a shock grenade landing right next to her. Amber dove to the side, clearing the boulder just as blast went off. Rolling back to her feet, she took off into a sprint, running for a second boulder, firing her scout rifle as she went.

"Tri! Have you got what we're after yet, because I could really use some help out here!" She dove behind the boulder just as two more wire shots zipped by.

"Not yet. I'm in pursuit of a mystery killer. If it's what we're looking for, I plan to find out. Why?" Amber glanced out from behind the rock, and spotted something that made her blood freeze. The door of a large warehouse began to open slowly, revealing a walker, its orange lights and multiple legs giving it the appearance of a spider. Amber pulled her head back, resting it against the stone.

"Because there's a freakin walker preparing to obliterate me! So, hurry up!"

"Alright, alright! I'll try to hurry! Just stay alive." The walker stepped out, raising its cannon, and firing at Shepard's position. The explosion shook the ground, obliterating several boulders, showering Amber with stone fragments. She shook herself, clearing her visor of dust.

"Easy for you to say."

"Oh, buck up meat bag. You'll be fine. Shepard, what's your status?"

Shepard ducked, dodging a spray of shrapnel fire as she fought a captain and a dreg. She fired a short burst with her rifle, breaking the captain's shields. However, he teleported out of sight before she could finish him off.

"I'm making progress, but I haven't found anything yet. Currently busy fighting."

"Keep searching. I might have lead though." Shepard nodded, smirking when the captain finally went down. She stood up, firing one last time to blow the head of the dreg as she walked past. She moved down another hall way, listening to the sounds of combat raging outside. The alarms were blaring, fallen were shouting, and explosions could be heard, shaking the building. Shepard ignored all this, and continued down the hall. As she rounded a corner, she was greeted by a metal pipe smashing into her gut. She keeled over, the wind knocked out of her, but she had no time to recover before the pipe was swung upward, striking her head and knocking her backwards. Her helmet peeped loudly, alerting her of her broken shields, but she shook her head, trying to clear the dizziness. Her eyes cleared just in time to make out her attacker as they reared up for another attack.

"Liara wait!"

Shepard starred in wonder at her friend, who had managed to come to this place along with her. The Asari stared at her in confusion, clearly not recognizing her. Shepard held up her hands, slowly standing back up.

"It's me Liara." She took her helmet off, allowing her to see her face. "It's Shepard."

Relief and joy spread over Liara's face, and she rushed forward, hugging Shepard tightly.

"Shepard! Thank the Goddess! I was afraid I was the only one here." She pulled away, then glanced over her, a brow raising.

"What are you wearing?" Shepard chuckled, pulling her helmet back on.

"I'll explain later. Let's get you out of here first." Liara watched her with curiosity and confusion.

"And where might here be exactly?" Shepard moved down the hall, gesturing for her to follow.

"Another time" Another explosion shook the building. "We're in a bit of a warzone here." Liara nodded, following as close as she could. However, she was limping, so Shepard had to slow her pace.

"Tri. I've recovered our missing person. How are things on your end?"

Tri slammed his fist one final time into the captain's head, cracking its helmet open as it went limp in his hands. He dropped the body, standing up.

"I lost my lead, but other than that, can't complain."

"I can complain! I can very much complain!" Amber's voice was stressed, and explosions could be heard in the background. Tri stood, clenching and unclenching his fist.

"Alright. We hear you. Shepard, meet up outside. We'll try to help out Amber. Amber, hold them off till we're clear. We'll make a run for it once we're all out."

"Try to hurry up spark plug. Their walker is not making this easy!" Tri chuckled, and moved out of the room.

Behind him, a fallen watched from a darkened pipe, its green eyes glowing faintly in the dark. As he left, it moved forward, its yellow Kings armor scuffed and blackened, its face covered by a human skull. It then slid out of the pipe, ran to the other side of the room, and disappeared down an air shaft.

Moving quickly, Tri ran down a long hallway before bursting through a pair of doors, finding himself outside. Dozens of fallen stood against walls and boxes, firing at the distant hill. Vandal snipers stood on rooftops, taking crack shots whenever they could. However, one was then dropped by a guardian sniper round, its head erupting into ether. Tri decided it was time to introduce himself. He tossed out his flash grenade, and it landed right in the middle of several fallen. One of the dregs noticed, but its cry of alarm came too late. The grenade exploded, flinging the bodies of vandals and dregs into the air, and destroyed the shields of a nearby captain. As expected, the captain's head was taken off only moments later. Tri yelled, charging the fallen. The few that had escaped the grenades blast turned, surprised by the arrival of the second guardian. However, their surprise was replaced with fear as Tri charged, then shoulder smashed into a vandal, catapulting its body into a wall with a terrible crack. He then turned, and mowed down the remaining dregs with a single clip. He glanced up at the hill, smirking as he placed a finger on his helmet.

"I thought you said this was difficult. Seems easy to me." As if to mock him, a large explosion went off next to him, flinging him to the ground. He groaned, placing a hand on his head as he glanced up, and saw the fallen walker, its laser aimed right at him.

"Oh crap!" Tri lept upwards, engaging his lift to clear the ground just as the walker fired again. The blast lifted him high, and flung him back, resulting in him slamming into the side of a building. He groaned to himself, and stood. A laugh could be heard over the comms.

"I'm sorry Tri, what was that you said? Something about this being easy?" He grumbled, but said nothing, knowing that speaking would only egg Amber on. He turned, spotting several fallen rushing out of the facility, the walker just behind. He dove behind cover as it opened fire with its repeating gun. He stuck his gun around the corner and began firing back.

"Shepard! I'm outside with Amber! Where are you?"

"We're almost there. Are we clear for extraction yet?"

Tri growled, throwing out one of his grenades before unloading the remained of his clip into a charging vandal, which crumbled to the ground before it could reach him.

"Not even close. But its fine. Once you get out here, we're making a break for it."

"Roger that."

Rolling out of cover again, Tri fired upon the walker, ready to finish it once and for all.

"Amber! Take out one of its legs!"

He fired at one of the legs, the bullets tearing at the metal plating. The machine groaned, turning to face him before opening fire, forcing Tri back into cover. However, this didn't last long. A sniper round connected with the leg joint, shattering the metal plating with an explosive round. The machine buckled, its legs weakened enough to cause it to go into a lock down. However, unlike the other times, this time the machines frontal armor plate slide forward, exposing the burning hot machinery within. This design was placed in to prevent the walker from overheating and damaging itself after sustaining extreme stress, but guardians used it as a weakness. Seizing the moment, Tri lept into the air, his Smolder Rocket launcher in hand. While still airborne, he fired two void rockets straight at the walkers exposed machinery. The slammed into it, and a large, violet explosion rocked the tank, lifting it off its feet. It came on line temporarily, its body erupting with sparks of Arc energy as the machine short circuited. Then, the top of the machine exploded, flinging fire and metal shard high into the air before great machine collapsed.

The surrounding fallen snarled in outrage of their war machines destruction. At least half a dozen Vandals and captains roared in fury before charging at Tri. He began back-peddling, unloading into them. However, he only managed to drop one before his gun ran dry. He placed it on his back, then dropped to a knee, twisting his neck to the side to pop it. As the fallen drew closer, Tri proceeded to leap into the air, his fists now alight with crackling arc energy. He slammed them into the ground, and a massive shockwave of energy erupted outward from the strike. All the attacking fallen around him went ridged, their bodies seizing up as they began dissolving into blue light. Many of the bodies where flung into the air, the forms slowly vanishing into nothing. The shockwave died, and Tri remained on his knees, breathing heavy.

He looked up just in time to see Shepard exit the facility, followed by a strange, blue skinned humanoid that he didn't recognize. Grabbing his gun, he stood back up, and ran over to them.

"Quickly. We need to go. I'll take… this thing, and you ride with Amber. No time to lose!"

His sparrow materialized under him, startling the alien, but it tentatively got on, wrapping its arms around his chest for a hold. They then took off. Tri glanced behind him, pleased to see Shepard hopping on the back of Amber sparrow and following close behind. He was glad to have this place behind them now. The alien holding him shifted, returning him to the present. Hopefully, this thing would provide them with some answers.

Garrus screamed in pain, thrashing against his bonds. His body was burning, and his mind was barely functioning. Whatever it was that they were doing to him, it was destroying his mind. His thoughts, memories, and control were all being stripped away, leaving nothing but pain behind. His arms flexed, and the chains holding them went taunt. His chest heaved, trying to bring in oxygen, but the chain around his neck, and the spike protruding from his abdomen was making it difficult. He could feel his blood flowing from the wound in his gut, as well as from his limbs and neck, all rubbed raw from the cold chains. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn't, the pain was too great.

"He is ready. Give him our gift." The cold, authorities voice from before was speaking, but it sounded distant and faint. Most likely because of the pain clouding his mind.

Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed his face, cutting off his screams of pain. His mouth was squeezed, forcing it open. Something was forced into his mouth, something cold, and slimy, writhing and thrashing against his tongue and the hand of its captor. It was stuffed farther in, gagging Garrus as it was forced painfully down his throat. His face was released, and he gagged, keeling over as his throat hemorrhaged from the intruder sliding down his throat. He coughed once, then twice. He could feel the blood flying from his mouth as he coughed. He gasped again, throwing his head back, trying to regain breath, and his eyes finally opened.

He couldn't make out anything, blood and tears preventing him from seeing anything beyond cloudiness and blue. His body trembled, the pain now being joined by a burning sensation flowing from his chest. His breathing was staggered as he gasped for air, trying to hold on to consciousness as he body began thrashing.
"Shepard. Forgive me. I have failed you." His voice was little more than a pained wheeze. His breath left him, and he thrashed again, groaning and gagging before his entire body went ridged. Then, Garrus Vakarian fell still, his strength and consciousness failing him as the pain drove him into a world of darkness.
The Chosen Few: Chapter 4 Know your Enemy
Hope you enjoyed this chapter. It was fun getting to write out the fighting, just something about it is just so much fun. Anyway, I hope that I didn't offend anyone by showing guardians fighting brutally. Also on the notion of brutality, before you go and tell me that "that's not how fallen demote people" and "that's to barbaric, their supposed to be noble". I know. If that is the case, and I honestly don't even know for sure, I plan to respect that, but in this case, the actions were done by Horvack, and he does not act the same as other Fallen. At any rate, please comment, I would love to see your theories on what you think will happen. Also, please share any constructive criticism.
Spore Creation: Ornicirus
Ornicirus are an original species created for my spore universe.


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